Do You Need to Buy Or Sell a Used Phone?

All of our iPhoneDoctor locations buy and sell most Apple and Android devices. If you have recently upgraded and have an old iPhone, broken your phone and need a replacement, or just want to buy an iPhone and have no long term contract then we are here to serve your needs all over Texas.

Selling your iPhone or Android

We offer great prices for your used iphone or android and even if it is broken or in poor condition we will normally make you a very competitive offer.

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Note: If you wish to mail in your device call 979-777-8007 to set it up.

Selling your iPad

That handy device you bought just for fun that you now use every day, a.k.a the iPad, has become a widely popular devices. Thus much like with the iPhone, there is a steady stream of people who have broken their device or want to upgrade and would like to get some money for their current iPad, no matter its condition. We are always looking to buy iPad's and will offer you fair and competitive prices no matter if they are in prime condition. If you are looking for a well priced used iPad, please consider us as well.

Looking to Buy?

If you are looking for a phone with no contract, have lost or broken your phone, or just need an additional phone we can set you up with a wide range of iPhone models.

Is your phone sick?
If your phone is in need of repair, make an appointment with us asap so we can help you get your phone back in working order.

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